Prince Kaybee Scoffs At Public Holiday For Springboks

South African disc jockey and producer Prince Kaybee is no big fan of the country’s rugby team, long famous as Springboks. He has actually never hidden this. On that count, perhaps his reaction to a public holiday to celebrate the team should come as no surprise.

.Friday, December 15, was announced by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa as a public holiday to celebrate the Sepingbos. The team had pulled off a superlative performance at the recently concluded Rugby World Cup in France, beating New Zealand.

It was a triumph that reverberated across South Africa, with many rejoicing over it – well, except Prince Kaybee. He was indifferent to the win and even expressed his wish that the New Zealand team win the finals.

Clearly, nothing has changed since then for Prince Laybee, who was somewhat mordant about the president’s declaration of a public holiday to celebrate the country’s Rugby World Cup win. He made it clear he wouldn’t be a party to the public holiday. So he would not be wearing an outfit that does not reflect Sringboks or anything relating to the team’s win. See the post below.

Some South Africans criticised him over his actions, though. But the songster doesn’t appear to mind.

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