Prince Kaybee Scoffs At Request To Donate Sperm, Twitter Reacts

There is nothing novel about sperm donation. Medicine has so evolved that sperm from a donor can be used to inseminate an egg and make babies. But not everyone is keen about sperm donation – certainly not donation to a total stranger.

“Fetch Your Life” star Prince Kaybee is one person uninterested in this form of donation. Recently, a Twitter user who goes by the name “Future Wife” (@MamadunaOmhle) asked Prince Kaybee if he can donate his sperm to her.

Prince Kaybee was puzzled by the request. Sharing the tweet, he indicated he was uninterested in being a sperm donor.

Whether the lady in question was in earnest of just joking is hard to determine. But her request has provoked massive mirth on Twitter, with many across the social medium peppering the tweet with laughing emojis.

Below, you can check out some of the reactions to the tweet.

By the way, recently, Prince Kaybee indicated he is not bothered by SAMA fraud claims. Also, he treated fans to the music video of the song “Hosh,” a hit with fans.

By the way, what do you make of the sperm request from Prince Kaybee and his reaction? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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