Prince Kaybee Seems To Have A Daughter

Mzansi is surprised as Prince Kaybee seemingly reveals he has a daughter.

Who would have thought that Prince Kaybee was a girl dad. The Afro House star has never mentioned having a daughter. But it seems he does. The star has recently been in the news for his questionable relationship with Unathi.

They have been spotted in photos together and Mzansi is wondering if they’re in a relationship. Kaybee had everyone talking again when he shared a photo of a young girl who looked like his older son Teboho. He included the caption,

“Mmino and Teboho have some work to do because when she cries foul, they need to be there ready to fight!”

Fans have always known his songs Teboho and Mmino Milani. They were surprised to see a girl in the picture. They reacted to the beautiful girl and called Kaybee a good dad.

@OhFlipItsVuyo wrote, “I didn’t know you have a daughter man, nice! She has the same eyes as Mmino.”

@AbednigoMonyai also reacted to the picture, “Beautiful kid bro. Her mom she’s a Venda neh?”

@tucklady “Your kids are beautiful.” @OfficialBokangK showered praises on the star “You are blessed sir.”

Check the picture of the young girl out below.

Prince Kaybee Seems To Have A Daughter 2

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