Prince Kaybee Shares Artwork Of Upcoming “The 4Th Republic” Album

Mzansi muso has just released the cover art of his intensely anticipated fourth studio album, “The 4th Republic,” stoking the fever of expectancy among fans.

The songster shared the cover art of the imminent compilation on his Instagram page and copied same to his Twitter. He noted he was glad to finally announce the artwork for his imminent project.

A glance at the artwork returns a predilection, on Prince Kaybee’s part, for carrying his fans along in his creative journeys. Years back, he had encouraged his fans to sign on his personal vehicle. He takes a different path with the artwork, however, using the images of his fans as part of the aesthetic finishing. The result? A splendid storm of heads.

With the release of the artwork, the focus now is on the release date of the album. We really can’t wait to bring y’all that feast of numbers. Are y’all ready, then? Come on!

“The 4th Republic” will be available on 5 March 2021 across digital platforms. Want to be among the first to savour that compilation? You might want to follow our social media channels as well as subscribe to our newsfeed and stya tuned for updates. Way to go!

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