Prince Kaybee Shares Snippet & Artwork For “As’Trende” Feat. Mampintsha Peekay Mzee & Kamza Heavy Point

Prince Kaybee has just released the cover art of “As’Trende,” his imminent collaborative tune with Mampintsha, Peekay Mzee & Kamza Heavy Point. The song has been the topic of conversation for some time now.

Prince Kaybee shared the cover art of the imminent song on his Instagram page, informing fans the release date is next month, 4 September.

Much is coded in the cover art, and if you aren’t careful, you just might miss it. The cover art reveals the young artiste’s hope and wish for massive appeal and global reach – for him as an artistes and for the song as a work of art.

Prince Kaybee dreams of the song reaching millions of social media denizens, with 3 million “LIKING” the song and 1 million retweeting it. Big dream.  But it is not impossible to achieve. Artistes out there have achieved that. Think the Kanye Wests, the Taylor Swifts, etc…

Although we doubt prince Kaybee will achieve a similar feat with his imminent song featuring Mampintsha Peekay Mzee & Kamza Heavy Point, we know he can achieve it some other time – perhaps much later in his career.

Or what do you think? You may want to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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