Prince Kaybee Shaves Beard Off For 21-days Lockdown

Hygiene seems to be the matter of top priority since the first case of the pandemic was reported in the country. Amidst washing of hands and keeping a good respiratory hygiene, people who keep beards have also been advised to trim it off, as the virus could find a breathing space in it. Now Prince Kaybee decided to shave off his beards, to last through the 21 days of lockdown.

The South African government issued a notice of total lockdown for 21 days, which will be commencing at midnight on the 26th of March 2020. The government is taking the measure to contain the spread of the virus. As people state their fears due to the lockdown, some like Prince Kaybee are taking preventive measures. He took to his social media page to share his new look and challenged other artists like AKA, Kwesta, JRafrika, Heavy K and DJ Sbu to follow the trend too.

21 Days without a beard😅 I’d like to challenge @akaworldwide @kwestadakar @jrafrika @djsbulive @heavykdrumboss to go 21days without a beard, I dare you💀

He later made fun of some people already joining the trend by making an Instagram post which reads:

LOL if your beard takes 3 years to grow, DO NOT ATTEMPT my 21 day without a beard challenge PLEASE
Its only for those who will have it back in a few weeks.

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