Prince Kaybee Talks Reasons For Failed Boxing Match With Cassper

It is no longer news that Cassper Nyovest has always desired to get into the ring for a boxing match with Prince Kaybee, which he sees as the only way the two can settle their differences. And since the fight hasn’t happened, the “Doc Shebeleza” chanter is pushing the narrative that Prince Kaybee is afraid of him.

But is he?

The “Club Controller” hitmaker has given more insight into the fight and Cassper’s claims, insisting that he didn’t get a good offer and that is exactly why the fight has not happened yet.

Speaking during an appearance on PopCast Radion, Prince Kaybee noted that Cassper’s team sent an email to his team, offering him R500k for the fight with Cassper. He insisted that was not the way to do it and the offer itself was below expectation.

In other words, he would readily have taken up the offer if it was exactly what he had in mind – which he didn’t even reveal. For his part, Cassper refused to increase the sum for the fight. So it didn’t happen

Prince Kaybe is one of a couple of people that Cassper Nyovest wanted to settle scores with in the ring. AKA and DJ Speedsta are the others he wanted to fight in the ring to resolve his conflict with them. The only adversary who dared to make it to the ring against Cassper was the YouTuber Slik Talk, and he was zapped in seconds of making it into the ring.

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