Prince Kaybee Teases Upcoming September Release, “Sbindi Uyabulala”

It may have been a while since he released anything, but South African disc jockey and producer Prince Kaybee isn’t done with the music just yet.

This much should be obvious from the teaser of his upcoming “Sbindi Uyabulala” song. The songster shared the teaser in a recent post to Instagram, with the hashtag #NewMusic.

He gave no specific date when fans should expect the song. But then there’s nothing to worry if you’re keen to be among the first to listen to the full song. You need only follow our social media channels, subscribe to our newsfeed, and stay tuned for updates. We’re going to share the number as soon as it is released.

By the way, Prince Kaybee recently scoffed at launching a sneaker brand. He’d also laughed at fellow musician Busiswa for featuring on the music video of Nigerian musician Naira Marley’s “Coming” song, which is heavy with coital imagery.

Well, it remains to be seen what impact “Sbindi Uyabulala” will make on release. We’re watching,

Well, are you looking forward to Prince Kaybee’s “Sbindi Uyabulala” song? Why or why not? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comments below.

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