Prince Kaybee Shades Beyonce’s outfit

Prince Kaybee shades Beyonce's Outfit

Prince Kaybee throws obvious shade at global popstar, Beyoncé’s outfit.

Okay, did that just happen? This is awesome. Who dares speak about what Beyoncé’s wearing? Well, it’s none other than the defiant Prince Kaybee who certainly isn’t afraid to speak out about something that doesn’t agree with his eyes.

American popstar, Beyoncé Knowles Carter may not follow anyone on social media but she has made it a habit to share photos of herself for her followers to enjoy. Well, a recent set of photos she shared obviously didn’t do it for Prince Kaybee who made it quite clear on Twitter.

Reacting to the photos, he wrote “if I see my gf wearing this I’m burning it”. From the looks of it, he wasnt the only one who wasnt feeling it, as many other users reacted to the dress in like manner. Well, sadly, she’s Beyoncé, she’ll wear whatever she wants.

Let us know if you feel the same way.

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