Prince Kaybee Unhappy With Black Coffee Calling Him “House Ni**er”

Prince Kaybee drags Black Coffee bitterly on Twitter for his “house nigger” comment on Euphonik’s Tweet.

Prince Kaybee is really not pleased with and he has made it known with his tweets on the platform. He called the DJ out for his remark on ’s tweet, which Black Coffee later deleted.

Prince Kaybee revealed he wasn’t too pleased with the DJ’s remarks and he shouldn’t have uttered such, looking at the fact that he is a hero and mentor to most people, he should try lifting them up and not calling them for white acceptance.

Be careful of your black heroes. Some are not interested in developing other black people, they just want power and money to oppress black people like their masters. They call black people names for white acceptance. Don’t call me “ Nigger” then delete the tweet. Pathetic

Prince Kaybee wrote.

Prince Kaybee further opined that was more about getting the papers, than been bothered about the plight of the people who support his music.

This actually hurt me I don’t wanna lie, deleting the tweet was substandard and cowardly. But like I said Be careful of your black heroes, some are NOT interested in your growth AT ALL‼️ They call black people names for white acceptance. Hosh🙏🏾

Prince Kaybee also opined that never liked him, giving an instance of him winning an award over Black Coffee, with him making derogatory remarks.

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