Prince Kaybee Weighs In On Men Managing Uncle Waffles After A Clip Of Her With Ciara Pops Online

South African disc jockey and producer Prince Kaybee has weighed in on Uncle Waffles’s career, noting the success it has become and acknowledging the contributions of her management, which is made up of mostly me.

In retrospect, the songster noted that the women were actually doing a great job of managing her, which is contrary to what many had expected at the outset. In the beginning, many criticised the composition of her management team and even predicted that she wouldn’t go far as a result.

They insisted that the team should have as many women on it because, in their opinion, having too many men around a young woman (Uncle Waffles) wasn’t okay.

that has not stopped Uncle Waffles from making progress anyway. Just recently, she had shared a clip of herself with the American singer Ciara, which ignited interest among South Africans, with Prince Kaybee noting how some members of the public had written her off at the outset because of the composition of her team.

Now, seeing far the team has managed to push up her career despite the criticisms, he feels the team should be given its flowers.

By the way, Uncle Waffles rose to fame only recently, when a clip of her vibing to a song by Young Stunna went viral.

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