Prince Kaybee’s Baby Mama Reveals How She Celebrated Their Son’s 2nd Birthday

Ever wondered how Prince Kaybee’s baby mam Zola Mhlongo celebrated their son’s second birthday? Well, you are certainly not alone. The good news is that Zola gave glimpses into that moment in a post on her official Instagram page.

Milani had balloons to celebrate his birthday and took several studio portraits in which he appeared well-fed and confident, seemingly enjoying the best of both possible worlds – the world of his parents.

In the caption to the post she shared on Instagram, Zola was parently patently effusive, wishing him a happy birthday and describing him as the guy who easily and consistently puts a smile on her face and the faces of other people.

She ended up with a prayer for God’s guidance so that she could be the best mom to her son and see him transformed into a responsible member of society. You can check out her post, which has over 11k likes and more than 100 comments, below.

When Zola had her son, many wondered who the father was because around the same period, Prine Kaybee had been exposed for cheating on her with another woman and the story was all over the social media and even the mainstream press. It was soon revealed that Prince Kaybee was the father after all.

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