Prince Kaybee’s Baby Mama Zola Mhlongo Caught in Another Man’s Inbox

Mzansi reacts as Prince Kaybee’s baby mama is caught in another man’s inbox.

Every week, we welcome new drama surrounding some of our favourite celebs. A lot of the news surrounding Prince Kaybee and his baby mama Zola Mhlongo, has been dramatic.

The beautiful female is back on the news after being allegedly caught in another man’s dms. The man, an ex-boyfriend of Glamorous Mathapelo, had dragged Mathapelo and also exposed other ladies who were in his inbox.

Sanelenkosi shared the news on the X app. It revealed that the man, asiwajus_bff, opened up about their break up and his reasons for dumping her. Sanelenkosi captioned, “Glamorous Mathapelos Nigerian boyfriend says she’s trashy & classless.”

The post accompanied a video showing asiwajus_bff’s inbox, full of messages from other ladies, including Zola’s, who wrote, “Okay, I think I found you.” Since the post was made public, Mzansi wondered what the entire content of their conversation was.

Zola had been embroiled in cheating drama after Prince Kaybee’s infidelity went viral. She was accused of retaliating last year, but no one knows how true that is.

Reacting to the recent post, Matema_ commented, “D*mn, Prince Kaybee just can’t catch a break in love.” Lxngelo wrote, “Lmfao finding out on Twitter that n*ggas are blue-ticking your girlfriend? As in she’s tryna cheat but abamfuni?” Kay_OhYeah also reacted, “What makes it painful is that she was left on unread.”

Find the post here.

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