Prince Kaybee’s Claims Of Poverty Leaves South Africans In Stitches

South African disc jokey and producer Prince Kaybee has rubbished claims that he charges R55k per gig, noting he is just a poor artist, with just a car to his name.

The songster was reacting to a tweet made by MSN South Africa, which claimed that he popped into the top 10 highest-paid artists in South Africa, with a booking fee of F55k per gig. The muso hilariously noted that the post was a lie and that he is actually the poorest DJ in the country.

He didn’t end there but also noted that the only car he owns is a 1998 Mercedes Benz and that he has no properties and nothing else. The post amused his fans, most of whom know him as a lover of fine things – from the ladies to the cars 0 and a possessor of the same.

Some suggested that he made the claim in other not to attract the attention of the South African Revenue Service (SARS). You can check out the tweet below.

His latest denial follows a tweet he made earlier, claiming his band balance is well below R100 – one hundred rand so to speak. Of course, South Africans are being entertained by his claims.

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