Fans Reacts As Prince Kaybee Asks How He Could Join The Military

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South African disc jockey and producer Prince Kaybee has got military ambitions or so he implied in a recent tweet made on his official X account.

In his tweet, the songster had asked how one could join the military and also wondered if he was too old for that. His post appeared unusual to many of his fans, most of whom did not hesitate to share their thoughts about it.

Some tweeps thought he was at the wrong place with his inquiry; that he should find out from the military people themselves. Some made it clear that the military was something he should have explored when he was younger. As far as they are concerned, he is too old at this point to join the military.

It is unclear whether he was serious about joining the military or merely tweeted for engagement. Either way, he has gotten something of his chest and his fans have shared their thoughts about the same. You can check out his tweet below.

The songster might not be able to get into the military as some tweeps have stated, but then, as one fan joked, he can always be a general in a virtual war game, seeing as he is an avid gamer.