Prince William Provokes Mixed Reactions With Comments On Africa & Asia

The English Prince William caught the attention of many across the world with a recent statement that war is normal in and Asia but alien in Europe.

He was commenting on the Ukraine-Russia conflict which is currently raging in Eastern Europe. War had erupted after Russian forces rolled their tanks in Ukraine in a fit of aggression which the world has roundly condemned.

The Prince had made his controversial statement while visiting the Ukrainian Cultural Center in London. He was speaking to the team of volunteers there and made what many consider a ghastly blunder.

In response to his claim that war is alien in Europe but de rigueur in Asia and Africa, many had taken to educate him, noting that Europe had always been at war. Some cited the 100 Years War and similar other conflicts to buttress their point.

Some were not so kind, though. They dismissed the Prince’s statements contemptuous, with one particularly irreverent tweeter noting that the Prince has the hairline he deserves. You can check out some of the responses so far below.

But will the Duke of Cambridge eat his words and admit he erred? Or apologize, as some have asked? The coming days might reveal a lot.

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