Priscilla Ono On What Rihanna’s Would Look Like For The Super Bowl Halftime

Barbadian singer is set for a performance at the Super Bowl halftime this year, and fans are already expectant. But what should they expect in terms of, say, looks? That’s where her go-to makeup artist Priscilla Ono comes in.

Ono recently gave some insight into what fans should expect during the Super Bowl halftime when the singer and entrepreneur is expected to hit the stage. She insisted that fans can expect nothing less than “iconic” on that day.

She wouldn’t go into details, though. A laconic “It’s going to be an iconic look, that’s all I have to say,” was all she volunteered at some point. But it was enough to give fans at least a mirror of what the singer would look like when she pops into the stage on February 12.

Ono would add, though, that she is aiming for something timeless – a look that people would see and long while later still remember and what to have something similar on themselves. How easily she would pull that off will be clear in the coming days.

The venue of the Super Bowl where is reported to show up at halftime is the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

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