Promising Ex Kaizer Chiefs Starlet’s Career Allegedly Derailed Because of Fame

Fame has often been compared to a drug with the potential to ruin someone if care is not taken. This morbid reality plays out again and again, as we see some famous figures “lose themselves” thanks to fame and sometimes return to “square one.”

Ex- starlet Emmanuel Letlotlo has been picked as one example on the South African side, with many wondering what really happened to the striker – how he moved from one of the top strikers with great prospects to near obscurity.

Emmanuel Letlotlo was in impressive form as part of the young wing of the side and many even wished to be like him. Thanks to his goal-scoring prowess, he was eventually promoted to the senior side of the club.

It turned out the promotion was his undoing. According to sources, the promotion, fame and all must have gotten to his head and the footballer lost his way in vice, partying hard with friends and not focusing on his career as he should.

Along the line, he was even declared clubless with dwindled potential – a lacerating and pathetic memory for a footballer who many expect to be in topflight in or playing in Europe.

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