Promoter Furious After Makhadzi Misses Gig After Allegedly Collecting R80K Payment

From the look of things, the drama over Makhadzi’s music career isn’t over yet. Even while accusations of collecting money but failing to show up for a gig are still fresh, a new allegation has popped out and South Africans are curious. A music promoter is currently accusing the “Ghanama” singer of collecting R80k for a show on April 30 but failing to show up.

According to sources, Makhadzi was booked to perform alongside the likes of Somizi Mhlongo and DJ Maphorisa at Exclusive White Lifestyle. She was allegedly paid R40k deposit and then the balance of R40k was paid later but she still failed to show up for the gig.

According to Greg Hlswayo, the organiser of the show, she sent a text message asking for extra time and she was given it. One hour later, she sent another text message saying she was two hours away. This did not sit well with the organiser.
He made it clear that Makhadzi is committing career suicide without realizing it. He insisted that she is replaceable and at some point, show organizers would become tired of her persistent no-show and totally blacklist her. The impact would, of course, be devastating to her career.

At the time of writing, she had not addressed the latest accusations against her.

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