Prophet Tol Ass Mo: Mzansi Reacts To Clip Of Local Comedian Ministering At An Unknown Church

South Africans are currently having a good laugh over the news that the comedian Tol Ass Mo has become a prophet. A clip is currently making the rounds online showing him at an unknown church, carrying out his “prophetic duties.”

Many South Africans who saw the clip made it clear that they do not take the man seriously over his sudden movement to the prophetic ministry. Some wondered out loud when and how he was called – especially after previously identifying as a sangoma or local spiritual healer.

Some even think the whole clip to be a comedy and nothing to be taken seriously. You can check out the clip below and form your own opinions.

Amid all the news, though, Tol Ass Mo, who recently divorced his wife Mome Mahlangu, has not said anything. The comedian has been involved in quite a lot of dramas recently, the most recent being his dramatic ending of his relationship with his wife Mome and announcing that he will no longer have anything to do with black women.

Weeks after, he had seemingly forgotten his vows, having been found chilling with a new black lover. Well, it remains to be seen where his “prophetic ministry” will lead to. Stay tuned for updates.

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