Protea Glen Residents Complain Over Lack Of Water

Social media has provided an avenue for people to share anything with others, and the people of Protea Glen are using the technology to draw attention to their plight.

At the time of writing, Protea Glen, a township in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, was suffering from water shortage as well as a lack of electricity for days. So residents have used the situation to joke about themselves, while others have used it to draw the attention of the authorities.

One Twitter use insinuated that people in the area now stink because they haven’t bathed in three days.

Another, a forward-looking bloke with some entrepreneurial spirit,  noted he had some water and said he was ready to serve as a dry cleaner for anyone prepared to pay for the service.

And yet another said a truck was sent to supply water to the area but that it wasn’t enough to go around. He wondered how ten litres of water (what he got) would be enough to flush the toilet, cook and bathe. You can check out some of the comments below.

The complaints about water erupted amid another bad news for the province. Gauteng has just reported a case of the monkeypox virus, and authorities are scrambling for contact tracing,

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