ProVerb Is Grateful That HHP Made Him Rap In Afrikaans

South African rapper, ProVerb, has taken some time to reflect on the late rapper, HHP, and appreciate how he had encouraged him to rap in other languages like Afrikaans.

The talented rapper took to social media to express his gratitude and appreciate HHP. He stated that he has no idea where he would be today if it wasn’t HHP who had advised him.

ProVerb’s popular song ‘Love of My Lwew’ and the famous verse he did which features Leloko La Lekoko has been remarked as one of his best hits to date.

The popular rapper has revealed that the late rapper was responsible for encouraging him to take a leap and rap in other languages. The rapper turned TV presenter stated that these languages include Afrikaans.

ProVerb creating rap verses in is a unique thing in the South African hip hop scene. This is a feat that music lovers will always remember him for.

ProVerb is already a household name in the South African music scene and he has been in the industry for over a decade now. The fact that he is able to rap in several languages has given him an edge over some rappers and this has made him a notable name in South Africa.

Taking to his page, the talented rapper shared with her fans his success story and revealed that it was HHP who made it possible for him to acquire such a unique set of skills. He further revealed that it was HHP’s idea all along as he was persistent in encouraging the rapper to use to his advantage the Kimberly multilinguistic aspect. ProVerb was hesitant at first as he was not certain of how he would be understood or received.

The star also uncovered some of the books that he had used in jotting down his rhymes which are now legendary. He shared his journey of rap with his fans on YouTube.

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