Proverb Lengthens Academic Pedigree With Tax Law Studies At UCT

His devotion to knowledge, to art, and to personal development may well qualify Proverb as one of the most admirable figures in South African music.

If you haven’t heard from the rapper on the music circuit for some time, it’s only because he has been busy elsewhere, building his academic pedigree, and really enjoying the process.

Proverb, who recently obtained a qualification in property development, is not resting on that academic triumph just yet. The rapper is currently taking classes in tax law at the University of Cape Town.

In his tax law studies, he has been pretty outstanding, with straight As – 100 per cent- based on the transcript he shared. Fans have been impressed with his academic journey, and some have been curious how is able to combine work as a radio host and student and what he aims to do with his qualifications.

Well, Proverb has no hesitation letting fans know he is just seeking knowledge, the empowerment to make informed decisions in the future. Can you beat that?

Care to know the rapper on a deeper level? You might want to check out his trues stories “Out The Box” and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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