Proverb Or Stogie T? South Africa Debates Who The Best Rapper Is

Competition maketh the world. And it’s doubtful there will ever be an end to competition. If peeps aren’t directly competing, their fans will compare them, invariably pushing the competition narrative.

In South Africa, the competition is pretty intense. Stogie T and Proverb are among the most respected rappers in the industry. They have been around for many years and have released several charming tunes, too. But who is the better of the two? Who is the best rapper?

That question has been flying around for several years, with fans taking sides and declaring their fave the best in the game. In fact, at some point, the two had a rap battle comparable to the Verzuz duel on the American scene.

And again, the fans were quick to pick their favourites. Some declaimed Stogie T as the winner of the battle and, therefore, the best rapper. Proverb’s supporters would not agree.

Amid the ongoing debate on who is the best rapper, some peeps are saying that there are rappers who are way better than Stogie T and Proverb. You can check out the conversation below.

Stogie T, maestro of “Empire of Sheep,” is trending as South Africans discuss his merits as a rapper.

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