ProVerb’s Attempts At Giving Himself A Haircut Gave Him a New Look

The lockdown has resulted into many challenges. One of such is the stress of having to maintain one’s hair. For people used to getting their hair cut and styled in the salon, the lockdown has posed a challenge to taking care of their hair.

South African TV and radio personality and recording artist, ProVerb, has appeared bald while in the spotlight for a major part of his career. The talented star attempted to have a haircut by himself and this turned out to give him a unique look.

ProVerb said about his attempt at trimming his hair:

Was midway shaving my head when I thought, this is probably the best time to try a new look.

In other news, ProVerb recently joined the group of celebrities who are striving to maintain their fans’ mental health during the lockdown.

This period has made several artists entertain their fans through live stream and new music. Some artists have also given a rendition of the country’s national anthem. This is in a bid to comfort the people of Mzansi during this trying time.

ProVerb, alongside Moonchild, Busiswa, Duncan and more have decided to bring the people in a prayerful and hopeful mood as they render their verses in melodious tune.

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