PUMA Has Launched MB.03 blue hive with Lamelo Ball

Global sports brand PUMA has teamed up with basketball star LaMelo Ball and released the MB.03 blue hive.

We all love when global brands team up with some of the most inspiring sports players in the world. Charlotte Hornets star LaMelo Ball is the latest basketball player to deliver a new sneaker line with PUMA. Their collaboration has birthed the new MB.03 blue hive.

On the official PUMA website, the brand describes Ball as “the electrifying talent who’s redefining the game of basketball.” It goes on to say that he’s been “a proud ambassador of PUMA since 2020,” bring “his passion, skills, and unwavering determination to the court, embodying the spirit of our brand.”

PUMA calls him “a global icon, a trendsetter, and an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide. Off the court, his charisma and philanthropic efforts have made a significant impact, proving that true greatness extends beyond the game.”

Puma Has Launched Mb.03 Blue Hive With Lamelo Ball 2

The new collection, MB.03 Blue Hive is said to be Inspired by the city of “Charlotte and the Hornet’s fans vibrant energy.” Hype Magazine writes that the new signature collection “blends electric blue with teal and black accents, showcasing a futuristic silhouette.”

The collection also features other stylish jackets, pants, shorts, and tees. It was launched on 23 February 2024. You can grab shop for it PUMA, PUMA Retail stores, Shesha, Sportscene and NBA Store.

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