#PutSouthAfricaFirst: Massive Reactions Over Nhlanhla Lux’s Advocacy

Nhlanhla Lux is spearheading a campaign called Operation Dudula, which aims to take the jobs from illegal immigrants in and give the same to the local population.

His activism in this regard has spawned mixed reactions. While some South Africans are all for his advocacy, others are opposed to it as they think it is nothing more than an avenue for xenophobia.

Nhlanhla Lux himself could not care less what people think about his advocacy. He believes in what he’s doing and has been unstoppable since.

On streets, his fans are notably vocal. Most of them consider him an asset to and a figure to be treasured,

In his advocacy, Nhlanhla Lux has rubbed many wrongly, including the EFF leader Julius Malema. Where Julius Malema support open borders, Nhlanhla Lux is for shutting up the borders. He even challenged the EFF leader to take down his fence as proof of his open-border advocacy.

While Nhlanhla Lux is getting the commendations, some of the people supporting him are also throwing angry darts at President Ramaphosa, insistn that Nhlanhla Lux is a far better leader than the president xn ever be. Here’s what social media is saying.

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