Q-Twins Change Their Hair Colour To Blue

Q-Twins switch to a blue hair colour

Mzansi singers, Q-Twins change their hair colour to blue.

Everyone knows that the Q-Twins are practically hooked to each other, whatever one does, the other follows suit. This, we witnessed during their time on the just concluded Idols SA contest where one was evicted and the other decided to give up everything and follow her.

Their bond is second to none, and that has been the motivation for all their success these days. Well, the two have turned out to be huge superstars that all of Mzansi are really proud of. Apart from being equally famous, they now have something else in common; blue hair.

The two recently debuted their new hair colour which is dyed over their low cut hair. They look absolutely stunning by the way. The twins have raked in a lot of success with their song “Hamba” which continues to amass more views since it was released on YouTube.

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