Q Twins Share Artwork And Title For First 2022 Release With Skye Wanda

The year has begun in earnest for South African girl band Q Twins, but they wouldn’t be entertaining fans alone for a start. They’ve got a friend and associate to open the year with.

In a recent post to Instagram, the Twins shared the cover art of what would be their first song of 2022, noting in the caption that the song will be available on the 28th – on Friday this week so to speak.

Aware some fans might forget, the sisters had bid fans mark their calendars. The imminent song, “Impilo,” will fellow South African Skye Wanda. doesn’t have a long collaborative history with her, so it would be interesting to see what they would put together.

By the way, some fans are already visualizing the song will be a hit. This much should be obvious from their use of the fire emoji in reply to the post by Q Twins.

Friday is just three days away, and y’all don’t need to worry about missing that number, for we’re going to share it here as soon as it’s released. If you don’t wanna miss anything, you should do well to follow our social media channels right now and stay tuned for updates.

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