Quavo Did Not Repossess Bentley He Gifted Ex-Girlfriend Saweetie – Reports

In a recent tweet, rapper Saweetie announced to the world that she was single, claiming she had put up with too much disrespect from her former lover Quavo. She also made it clear she had emotionally detached herself from the relationship long before she publicly made it known she had quit.

Soon after her tweet, rumours started flying online that Quavo had sent a repo man to reclaim the Bentley he bought for her.

The rumours gained traction online, generating comments from people. While some social media denizens applauded him for reclaiming his “investment,” others thought he should have left the car with Saweeetie.

A report by TMZ indicated that Quavo did no repossess the car from Sawetie, contrary to what is being said online by some people. In fact, a Quavo associate even challenged those peddling the rumour to show either a video or a picture indicating the rapper repossessed the Bentley from Saweetie.

So far, there’s been neither a video nor a photo of Quavo repossessing the Bentley.

Until news of their split, many had considered Saweetie and Quavo the ideal couple.

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