Qwerty MuziQ – The Nun Album

The Nun Album: Qwerty MuziQ's Latest Masterpiece Strikes a Chord

A Harmonious Blend of Beats and Culture, Qwerty MuziQ’s New Release Captivates Audiences.

In the vibrant landscape of South African music, a new gem has emerged that promises to enchant listeners with its rich melodies and compelling rhythms. Qwerty MuziQ has officially released “The Nun Album,” a collection that not only showcases the artist’s immense talent but also his ability to fuse diverse musical styles into a cohesive and captivating whole. This latest endeavor by Qwerty MuziQ is generating buzz for its innovative sound, marking a significant milestone in his career.

“The Nun Album” distinguishes itself with a variety of tracks that traverse different genres, from amapiano to deep house, all infused with Qwerty MuziQ’s unique flair. Each song in the album is a testament to the artist’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of music while staying true to his roots. The album’s eclectic mix of beats and collaborations with other artists offers listeners a fresh auditory experience, setting a new standard in the music industry.

Despite the absence of recent news coverage specific to “The Nun Album,” the anticipation and excitement surrounding its release have been palpable within the music community. Fans of Qwerty MuziQ and aficionados of South African music have eagerly awaited the album, drawn by the promise of new songs that resonate with the artist’s signature style and energy.

“The Nun Album” is expected to not only solidify Qwerty MuziQ’s place in the music scene but also attract a wider audience to the rich tapestry of South African music. As listeners delve into the album, they are greeted with a sonic journey that celebrates creativity, passion, and the unifying power of music. With “The Nun Album,” Qwerty MuziQ invites us to explore the depth of his musical vision and to experience the vibrancy of South African music in all its glory.

The Nun Album


Track Number Title Artist
1 Amyleigh (feat. Djy Biza) Qwerty MuziQ
2 Bacardi Avenue Qwerty MuziQ & Kay’Tonic
3 Y.A.M.G (feat. Jandas) Qwerty MuziQ, Mk Soul, Nkukza SA, and Jaylokas
4 Bombaclatt Qwerty MuziQ & Buddy Kay
5 Dali (feat. Nvcho) Qwerty MuziQ
6 Eksasa (feat. Massive Musiq) Qwerty MuziQ
7 Ema Nyana Qwerty MuziQ & Piano Xheperds
8 Conjuring Qwerty MuziQ & Kay’Tonic
9 High Fives Qwerty MuziQ, W4DE, & Boips
10 Le Canada (feat. Jabster) Qwerty MuziQ
11 Love 6 Dipatje (feat. Royal MusiQ & Star’ Jazz) Qwerty MuziQ & Zan’Ten
12 Love Yours Qwerty MuziQ
13 Megalo Perc Qwerty MuziQ & W4DE
14 Stone Cold (feat. Djy Amza) Qwerty MuziQ & RIVALZ
15 Strictly Sgidongo (feat. Shakes & Les) Qwerty MuziQ & Housexcape
16 Tintswalo Qwerty MuziQ
17 A Cold Sunday Qwerty MuziQ
18 Gum & Mint Qwerty MuziQ
19 What’s the Point Qwerty MuziQ & Ceeka RSA
20 Ithemba Qwerty MuziQ & Undisputed Fam


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