R. Kelly Recommended For Over 25 Years In Prison Over Sex Trafficking

The trouble isn’t over yet for disgraced singer R Kelly as prosecutors recommend he should be handed more than 25 years sentence for multiple sex violations.

According to a sentencing memo filed yesterday, June 8, the singer deserves his conviction for his “decades of crime” as well as a “callous disregard for the very real effects that his crimes had on his victims.”

In his heyday, Robert Sylvester Kelly was one of the iconic figures on the scene, with a massive following globally. Since his trial and conviction, though, he’d become a spectre of his old self with Mary a soul will g to associate with him.

The songster was convicted in September last year for sexual violation, racketeering and other offences. His sex violations have, however, captured the most attention.

Besides championing for more than 25 years in prison for R Kelly, the prosecution also recommended he should be fined between $50,000 to $250,000

Amid the spectre of prison, though, R Kelly still has a small group of supporters who insist on his innocence and want the charges against him dropped.

It will be interesting to see if the prosecution will successfully send him to the slammer for almost three decades. Watch out.

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