R Kelly Requests Bail Because Of Covid-19, But Was Denied

American R&B singer R Kelly has been denied bail, after his legal team requested for his release due to the fear of him contracting the virus during incarceration.

A Federal Judge denied him release due to the fact that the singer is labeled to be a flight risk and he poses danger to the society if released. Stating that the Chicago prison where he is been held has taken precautionary measures to curb the spread.

R Kelly’s lawyer also pointed out that the singer recently went through a surgery but didn’t do well at fully stating how the surgery could open him up to being at risk of getting the virus, thereby making the reason not valid enough.

The R&B singer was put in jail without the option of bail, even with his case still in court, after he was accused of sexual abuse by numerous victims. In which he still maintains he is innocent.

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