R. Kelly’s Attorney Points To Technicalities, Argues For Singer’s Acquittal Or Retrial

It is not yet uhuru for disgraced singer R. Kelly, but if his attorney’s recent arguments are accepted, the singer may have a silver lining in his case and, most likely, in his life.

R. Kelly was convicted on three counts of producing child pornography and another three counts of enticing a minor into sexual activity.

However, in recent motions, his attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, claims that prosecutors failed to prove all of the elements required to convict the defendant on those counts. The arguments echo those she had made earlier during the singer’s trial, which ended in his conviction.

She argued that the prosecution failed to show that the disgraced musician abused a teenage girl for the “purpose” of producing child pornography. She concluded that the prosecutors had failed to show that Kelly tried to “persuade, induce, entice, or coerce” three victims into sexual activity.

She is therefore asking for either a new trial or an acquittal.

Her motions are not novel in the legal world. They are, however, rarely granted. The prosecutors have yet to respond to her motions but will do so on December 6.

It remains to be seen whether R. Kelly, who is already serving a 30-year conviction, will get a semblance of reprieve at the end of the day.

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