R350 Covid-19 Distress Grant Is Extended For Another Year

The R350 Covid-19 social relief of distress grant has been extended for another year.

Everyone who benefited from the Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant would be happy to hear that the government has decided to continue it for another year. The information was shared by the president, Cyril Ramaphosa during his state of the nation address.

He is quoted saying on Thursday evening “Mindful of the proven benefits of the grant, we will extend the R350 SRD grant for one further year to the end of March 2023”. This is great news for everyone who found the grant helpful during the pandemic.

Due to the call to expand the grant to a basic income grant, the president said that the country must realized that “we face extreme fiscal constraints”. He continued “A fiscal crisis would hurt the poor most of all through the deterioration of the basic services on which they rely”. He also revealed that he was consulting with several community-based organisations “who have articulated very clearly the dire need in our communities but have also appreciated the challenged fiscal position that we are facing”.

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