Rachel Kolisi Shares Paris Fashion Week Experience

Siya Kolisi’s wife, Rachel Kolisi, shares her Paris Fashion Week after she obliviously walked past the venue.

Rachel Kolisi is living her best life supporting her Rugby star husband in Paris. The couple moved to France last year after the Springboks brought home the Rugby World Cup trophy. Rachel and the Kolisis have since made Paris their new home.

The Rugby wife recently took to her Instagram page and shared an experience she had. As we all know, Paris Fashion Week is currently happening, and we have seen photos of the world’s biggest stars, from Jennifer Lopez to Zendaya and Naomi Campbell, dominate social media.

Well, Rachel Kolisi did not recall that it was happening and recently walked past the venue. The mother-of-two shared that it was “so crazy to see it in real life.” She revealed that she was shocked at the number of people she saw there as she passed. She shared videos and photos of the event.

She also wrote on her Instagram, “Forgot it’s Paris Fashion Weekend. Walked past the venue for the Fendi show today. Everyone waiting for celebrities.” Her followers reacted to the post and stated that they would have loved to see it themselves.

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