Raising Malawi: Pop Star Madonna Accused of Trafficking Children

Celebrated singer Madonna is n the news again – this time not for a scorching new jam from her orbit and certainly not something relating to her ex-lover Guy Ritchie – but for allegedly trafficking kids from Malawi and using them for social experiments.

A charity collective called Ethiopian World Federation had reportedly blown the lid on the pop star’s dealings while alerting authorities and calling for investigations.

Over the years, the singer had “shown her love” for the impoverished African country and even established a foundation called Raising Malawi to affirm the same about the country. She has even adopted four children from the country, the most famous being David Banda.

However, the Ethiopian World Federation is unimpressed with the singer and what she is doing in Malawi, which it thinks is contrary to what she has been projecting to the public and the world generally.

Raising Malawi: Pop Star Madonna Accused Of Trafficking Children 2

Questions started flying around when David Banda started dressing like a female, with makeup, earrings and other accoutrements common with ladies. The families of the adopted children have also claimed that she has not kept her side of the bargain.

At the time of writing, Madonna had not commented on the child trafficking claims. Given the weight of the allegations against her, she might address the claims soon.

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