Randy Gonzalez Of Enkyboys TikTok Duo Dead At 35

And there ends an era. Randy Gonzalez, one of the father-son duo Enkyboys, is dead. He passed away from colon cancer at the age of 35.

The entertainer has battled colon cancer for a while and shared updates about his journey with the issue with his fans. He had broken the news of his cancer affliction back in April last year and also informed his fans that he was diagnosed with cancer six months earlier.

Besides that, he also informed his fans that he was given two to three years to live but that chemotherapy could extend that time to five years.

Sadly, cancer snagged the life out of him before then, leaving his son (the other half of Enkyboys) and his family devastated.

The family confirmed Randy Gonzalez’s passing in a statement, noting that he died on Wednesday morning in a hospice.

Until his death, Randy Gonzalez and his son Brice used Instagram to spread awareness about colon cancer, and the public was enraptured by the dynamic duo and what they stand for. They became immensely popular in no time.

But death intruded at 35 and Randy Gonzalez is no more. The world mourns a man who brought light into the lives of others.

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