Rapper Aewonwolf Slams South African Journalists

Aewonwolf reveals his return to music, says “majority of South African media is lazy.”

When it comes to the media and their operations, people have different opinions. Aewonwolf also shares his view about the media, whom he perceives as being ‘lazy.’

Aewonwolf believes that journalists are not performing their jobs in the best ways.

An artist must hold a strong connection with the audience because, at the end of the day, their success will be based on the audience’s feedback. Artists hire PR managers for this purpose.

When it comes to the delivery of new stories, journalists play a major role. Because of this, artists believe that their music will gain more popularity when they work with them.

The rapper revealed that he hasn’t been lucky when dealing with journalists because they do not reveal newsworthy information. Rather, they work mainly on trends.

Aewonwolf wrote on a tweet that was retweeted by YoungstaCPT.

Lets be honest! The majority of SA media is lazy! If you don’t e-mail them the story they won’t write about it, even if it’s news worthy they would rather share what’s already trending.

The rapper also announced that as he returns to music, he is looking forward to working with hungry journalists.

He said:

That’s why with my return I want to work with hungry and real journalists! Holla at me!

Arnold Philips, popularly known as Aewonwolf, is a singer and songwriter under the label, ‘WOLFPACK.’

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