Rapper Blaklez ‘Slapped’ By Emtee’s New Single, ‘Wave’

SA star, reveals that Emtee’s brand new track is fiery hot and also ‘slaps’.

Have you ever been hit by good music? If you haven’t, well, a whole lot of us have. In fact, every great tune hits hard. The instant you hear it play, it takes over you and refuses to let go. In other words, it just possesses you.

That’s exactly what star, Emtee’s brand new tunes have been doing to a whole lot of people, including fellow rappers. Permit us to state that we are part of many who are just grateful that he is back in the studio with his former producer, Ruff.

Who isn’t anyway? The lyricist just delivered two brand new songs which everyone on social media can’t keep calm about. He calls them “Wave” and “Brand New Day” feat. Lolli.

Since the songs dropped, feedback on them have been nothing short of amazing. The rapper even got a nod from colleague, who revealed that the track, “Wave” slaps. He probably didn’t expect it to hit so hard.

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