Rapper Eminem & Hailie Jade Mathers’ Unobtrusive Bond

American rapper Eminem is famous for his bond with his daughter Hailie Jade, whom he idolized in his 202 song “Cleanin’ Out My Closet.” In that soaraway tune, he had noted, “Hailie’s gettin’ so big now, you should see her, she’s beautiful.”

Of course, we are no longer in 2002 and Hailie has grown into an adorable young woman. Yet the bond they share remains as strong as can be imagined.

She is currently 27, engaged to a man she loves so much and also active on the social media platform Instagram. Interestingly, while the page is laden with images of her, you will have a hard time finding a picture of her and her father there.

Her parent’s image seemingly overshadowed her when he was way younger. Now that she is an adult, she appears keen to curate images that focus on just herself, without using her father’s influence to bring attention to herself (of course by sharing images of them together).

That in no way takes anything from the relationship she has with her father. It is clear Hailie knows what she wants and how to project her own image, and she is doing just that without a care in the world what people might say or think of her actions.

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