Rapper Reacts To Claims Of Faking An American Rap Accent

The issue of (pretentious) accents in South African music is one thing that has just refused to go away. Now and then, conversations erupt about the same topic, with some tweeps holding that most Mzansi rappers are imitating their American counterparts with their accents.

One such musician who has been accused of faking an American accent is Emtee. But is he faking it? What does he have to say?

For those criticising his accent in his traps, the songster has a “correction” for them. In a tweet, he was adamant that he doesn’t have an American accent in his rapping. It’s just hip hop, he noted. But, of course, he has no control over what the public might think about it. You can check out his post below.

Emtee is facing a lot at the moment both at the home and social media front, and he has been taking his time to address issues as best he could online. His estranged wife Nicole Chinsamy had accused him of drug abuse, but he denied that, wondering why she should mess up his reputation online.

She had previously reported him to the authorities for assault – one of the many dramas that have enveloped his relationship.

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