Rapper Reason (Sizwe Alakine) Details What Went Down When AKA Slapped Cassper Nyovest (Video)

Sizwe Alakine, the South African musician who is apparently more famous by his hip hop nomen Reason, has given clues on what went down the night Kiernan “AKA” Forbes slapped Cassper Nyovest.

The incident happened several years ago, but memories of it are still pretty fresh. And it also happens to be one of the reasons the Family Tree rapper had insisted on a boxing match with AKA.

Well, according to Sizwe Alakine, Cassper Nyovest might have started the whole drama, having made the decision to book a table next to AKA, with whom he is not friends and had a frosty relationship.

The decision didn’t sit well, with AKA, who slapped his rival. Incidentally, Cassper Nyovest didn’t respond. Recalling why he didn’t retaliate, the songster had noted that it would have hurt the brand which he took several years to build.

Imagine him being in the news for a bar brawl. Of course, the brands he was working with might cut off their relationship, which might lead to a loss of income. So he thought better of the situation.

Reason also suggested that the slap might have been the reason Cassper decided to fill up the dome, an initiative that has soon birth his iconic fill-up campaigns.

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