Rare Picture Of Piers Morgan With Daughter Elise Charms Netizens

CNN anchor Piers Morgan has just shared what many considered a rare picture of his daughter, and it’s got many people talking about their physical similarities.

Piers Morgan’s daughter Elise is all grown now, but what did she look like when she was much younger? The media personality, who is not exactly your Instagram celeb, gave some insight recently when he shared a picture of young Elise and him. The kid was holding the sides of her mouth in what must have been a goofy moment with her father.

many were charmed by the picture when they encountered it online, with some peeps noting that father and daughter share great physical;l similarities. As far as some were concerned, Elise resembled her father more back then than at the moment. You can check out the picture below.

Besides Elise, Piers Morgan also has other children. Stanley, Spencer and Albert – all boys – are the other children of the celebrated TV personality. The picture below shows Elise and her half-brothers in the company of their father.

The Morgan household is said to share a close affinity despite most members not being in the limelight as much as the patriarch of the family. Can you beat that?

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