Rasta Paints A Potrait Of DJ Tira

(In)famous Mzansi painter Rasta has limned a piece of Afrotainment boss DJ Tira, and South Africa is caught between amusement and aggravation.

Rasta is infamous for his larger than life caricatures of famous dead figures. In fact, most times after the death of a celeb, people would beg him not to paint the dead, insisting it just never turns out right when he used his brush.

DJ Tira is alive. Rasta painted him, anyway. As usual, he didn’t get it right in the eyes of the viewing public. Out on Twitter, some people are screaming, “This guy should stop!“

While some social media peeps were busy condemning the portrait, DJ had reatec in a comment stating he was glad to have seen his Rasta. This statement elicited great amusement from those who saw it. It’s unclear if the Afrotainment boss was being sarky.

One man who isn’t bothered by the public perception of the painting is Rasta himself. He ha made it clear he would continue painting, whatever the perception of his art.

What do you think of Rasta’s painting of DJ Tira and how would you rate it. We invite you to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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