Rasta Shares Painting Of Manaka Ranaka & Zodwa Wabantu Following Their Boxing Match

Controversial painter Rasta was at it again, only this time he didn’t get as much criticism as he used to over his paintings. Rasta decided to paint local dancer ZOdwa Wabantu and her actress counterpart Manaka Ranaka, who recently had a boxing match.

The boxing match between both ladies was a great delight to many South Africans, who found it exceptionally funny. Some even described it as a waste of time, as both ladies did not exactly put up a fight but were busy bouncing in the ring and running away from each other. LMAO.

Anyway, the two ladies inspired Rasta enough to make paintings in their honour. He not only pained both ladies but had each show off what he had down, as cameras clicked away He shared a slide of that moment, as well as similar pictures, on his Instagram page.

In the caption to the post, he celebrated the match that brought both ladies together. You can check out the post below.

Rasta has been around as an artist for a long time, but his paintings are almost always controversial. he has a habit of always painting the recent dead. But South Africans often dismiss his paintings as nothing more than caricatures.

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