Rasta The Artist Shows Off Portraits In Honour Of Mbongeni Ngema

Rasta the Painter has shown off portraits he painted in honour of the late Mbongeni Ngema.

Everyone knows Rasta the Painter attends the funerals of high-profile people to create portraits to honour them. The famous painter was a guest at Mbongeni Ngema’s Funeral, and Mzansi was happy to see him there.

He recently took to social media and showed off portraits of Ngema. He wrote, “Farewell @drmbongeningema, your bravery liberated us from incindezi. With your guitar and creative skills, you won the battle without da bullet.” He also wished him a good rest.

TimesLIVE reported on Zuma’s comments during Ngema’s Funeral. He said,

“When I was told that he had passed, I thought it was a joke. I thought he’d never die. I thought he’d live forever because of the way he was. It’s shocking that we are here to say goodbye. When I heard, I asked myself ‘why not us who are old?’ What shall become of us with Mbongeni no longer with us?”

“He was a man amongst men. We have truly lost a great talent. He told a story through song in such a way that you would know it word by word and never forget it. I was very lucky because I knew him at an early stage. He fought for freedom and was able to pass the message of how we were oppressed no.”

“Mbongeni was not just a friend, a comrade who fought for freedom with all his might, this man was prominent worldwide in a way that educated the youth through storytelling and song.”

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