Rasta Trends Again For His Portrait Painting Of Late Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Popular Mzansi painter, Rasta trends again for his painting of the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

There’s so much happening on social media right now. Mzansi has shared reactions to the recent announcement of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s passing. While some have shared tributes, others have stated that he will be remembered for past events involving Winnie Mandela.

As the nation mourns, Mzansi painter, Rasta quickly did what he is most talked about for. He shared a recent painting of the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu who passed on Sunday. The new fast-delivered painting has already prompted a lot of reactions on social media causing Rasta to trend.

While some still stood firm to support his art, others think Mzansi pays too much attention to him. A tweep called the popular painter “disrespectful”, and stated that Mzansi needs “to stop entertaining his kak”. Check out some of the popular reactions on social media.

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