Raunchy? Nadia Nakai’s Latest Snaps Go Viral

South African rapper Nadia Nakai is in the news again, but not for her music. Know for her love for sexy apparel, the songstress showed that that love runs pretty deep when she shared pictures of herself in a new outfit that some of her fans said was “raunchy.”

Given the interest in those snaps, the pictures went viral soon after. Somehow, the conversation about her and the outfit also began to include AKA, her late boyfriend, whom she is preparing to honour with a new extended play. The imminent project, she said, would be deeply spiritual.

Well, according to some South Africans, following her sharing the snaps referenced at the outset, life must go on after a while and Nadia Nakai is showing just that. After initially showing how deeply hurt she was by his assassination and confessing listlessness about life, she is obviously bouncing back.

Her recent snaps, they believe, are ways of trying to bring herself to the old arena and start life afresh after mourning AKA for about ten months.

Beyond that, her fans are also looking to see who she would introduce as her next lover. It is doubtful there is a shortage of men interested in her.

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