Ready For A Sjava, Emtee and Saudi Collaboration?

It appears former Ambitiouz Entertainment acts Sjava, Emtee and Saudi will be releasing a collaborative single soon.

On 10 June 2020, Sjava had taken to Twitter to inform Emtee and Saudi that studio was ready. What happens in a studio? That’s where artistes record their songs, of course. LOL.

The three artistes are notable promoters of African trap, so the idea of a possible collaboration among them has been received with delight by fans. It just might turn out the scorcher of the month, the song, when it drops.

Whatever they eventually release will be of enormous interest to the general public and to Ambitiouz Entertainment, the record label from which they had all fled. Emtee had fled the record label in a rage after trending the hashtag #FreeEmtee and accusing them of taking the iPhone 7 MTN had gifted him.

Saudi fled later, giving a bloody middle finger to the record label. Literally. For effect, he released an extended play bloodily titled “Fuck Ambitiouz.”

Sjava? He is the only one of the three who appeared to have left the record label quietly and without acrimony. How he pulled that off, especially since (other) artistes like Amanda Black and Cici left in anger and acrimony, is unknown. But it is good for the music.

Or what do you think?

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